first dental appointment.

yes, you read that right.  james had his first dental appointment.  i know, he's barely 18 months old but the dentist asked me to bring him in. so i did.  i'm a teeth freak.  i don't mind going to the dentist.  i don't have any cavities but i have one filling.  tmi.  i know.  i'm just saying, i like the dentist.  they are our friends.  they keep our smiles pretty and our gums healthy.  so, you better believe my baby is going to go to the dentist if they ask.  they pretty much just want to get him in the office a few times before they actually want to do any "work". and by work i think they start with a cleaning and then it goes from there, if needed.

this is how it went down....

james, want to sit in the chair?  look at the animals on the computer screen.

 absolutely not.  i can slide down this chair. watch!

okay, how about he sits on your lap. and we'll try to sit our hands in his mouth and ask a ton of questions.  yep, just like they do me!  except james wasn't really having it.  they got to peek in and said they could tell that his pearly whites and gums were healthy and didn't have any spots and such that could indicate a genetic problem or too many sugar products.  i proudly told them we brush our teeth every night.

which toothbrush?  it is a tough decision.

we have a winner!  we'll see you next year!

we were back there about 5 minutes.  10 minutes tops.  they gave me good news and james a new toothbrush and toothpaste.  score. 

and no, they didn't charge me or my insurance for the visit.  isn't that nice?


  1. Successful first dental visits do have a lifetime effect on kids. Based on James' visit, it seems he would also love dentists just like you do. I commend you for being a good role model to him.

  2. This is a good practice for babies. Let them feel comfortable in the dentist office. As they grow old, dentist visits will be a piece of cake.

  3. Good for you, Amanda! You and James definitely benefited from his first visit to the dentist. Not only did you learn that your child's teeth are healthy, but James also received a brand new toothbrush and toothpaste. It's a win-win situation for both of you. By the way, if your child's teeth are too clean, it may cause his teeth to stain, as there are bacteria that absorb iron. That being said, those bacteria only grow in a very clean environment. So, you must watch out for that too.