santa what?!!

occasionally when i'm signed into blogger, i click the "stats" tab and look at the referring websites.  normally these are my friends' blogs and i'm happy that people find me through that friend avenue.  but occasionally the "search keywords" portion freaks me out.  not too long ago a searched word was "amanda bonner hale".  okay, so i'm aware that there may be more than one first name amanda, maiden name bonner, and married name hale but it still freaked me out.  like why on earth would someone google me.  should i be flattered?  should i be concerned?  i mean, someone - anyone - can google me and find a personal link into my life.  but more importantly, they can peek into my son's life.  i chatted with a few friends about it and came to the conclusion that it was nothing and blogged on.

yesterday i did the same thing and below is the searched keywords that led people to my blog.  please read carefully.

really?  someone found little ol' me on "pictures of duck diaper cakes".  weird.  but then there is the last search.  what to say about that?  hummm.  someone googled santa gets a ... and i'm assuming they typoed.  but regardless - they found me!  some pervert they googled that and found me!  oh my goodness. 


i've fainted.

okay, i'm back but still a little concerned.

as for now, my blog is open to the public.  i tried the private/password thing but it just seemed to cause more problems for the people who i actually wanted to read it so, i went public.  i haven't had any creepy comment, yet, and other than the keyword search, nothing has really bothered me.  i mean, i blog for myself. i like looking back on the memories.  i like looking at the pictures and having a reminder of that night and those times.  and don't get me wrong, i am super flattered that other people read about me.  i love comments and i actually just enjoy the whole blog world.  so, i'm not going anywhere...but seriously? santa gets a what?!!?

oh and for those of you who only know me via the blog world, you now know where the name of my blog came from - my maiden name.

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  1. I just looked at my "stats" tab and am also a little horrified by two search results:

    diaper nudists
    extra curricular activities at nudist camp

    ERRRRR, what????