lyllaby time.

after the christmas and holiday season, james has decided that 7:30 is not his bedtime any longer.  now he wants to take a bath, drink some milk and play, crawl, climb, anything but sleep.  he'll make himself miserable but he's awake.  it gets to the point where i know if he would just be still for two minutes, he'd be out cold.  i think he knows it too.  that is why he refuses to be still. 

the other day i stumbled across our vast collection of baby einstein videos.  one is titled "lyllaby time".  a-ha!  i tried it.  while it errs on the boring side, it seems to do the trick.  i can tell it is meant for little babies but it still works.  it has soothing music and ocean sounds.  james likes to name the animals and say "baaby" over and over until he rubs his eyes, leans back and slowly falls asleep.

apparently it works on everyone in the house...

even woody.

the funny part is when i crawled into bed, james shifted a bit and i heard woody's spanish phrase.  neither mr. h nor i can figure out what he is saying but oh well.  if we can't, james can't.  it is something gusto, me gusto.  but whatever.  both boys were fast asleep and didn't hear it.  i managed to pry the doll from james' grip so that i wouldn't be woken up to more fun toy story 3 phrases.  even though i've seen the movie several times and have yet to hear woody speak any spanish.  i'm not sure what's up with it but i'm not going to complain. 

in review, lyllaby time works.  for now.  thank goodness.

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