christmas card.

honestly, i don't know why i didn't set this to auto post on christmas day.  i really wanted too.  fail.  anyway, i plan to get family pictures every october or november and then use those pictures for our christmas cards.  i think it is good to get a professional picture at least once a year to document your family.  we'll never look like this again.  i often wonder when james looks back at these pictures if he'll wonder what the heck we were wearing and why did we dress him like that.  i love looking back at old pictures of me and my family so i hope james appreciates it as well.

if you know me, you know who took my pictures.  my miracle worker, aka andrea murphy.  you don't understand.  the morning of this session was cold.  the first real cold of the season.  james was snot-faced and cranky.  he only lasted about 30, maybe 40, minutes. we even tried goldfish crackers, cookies and bubbles.  he didn't care.  he only wanted daddy.  to be held by daddy.  yet, somehow andrea got some great shots.  some perfect memories.  some wonderful images.  i'm so glad that we got them despite all the obstacles.  i'm so grateful for her.  she has captured so many of my memories that i'll get to cherish forever.  and i'll look great when i look back.  even better.

here is our christmas card this year.  i loved my card last year.  i wish i had a digital image to show you.  i loved it so much.  (hint, hint andrea) so i wanted something equal to last year and andrea delivered!

stunning, right?  i sound really vein.  i'm sorry.  i really am an insecure person if you know me.  but i think she captured some stunning moments of my little family.  i cannot wait to get some framed on my walls and some to put in the fireproof safe. 

the following image was another one i really liked.  i originally wanted it to be the back of my card but it just didn't work out.  i still love it though.

from the bottom of my heart, thank you andrea. 
(no pun or pun intended.  haha.)

i will post more of our session soon and link up her blog, when she blogs about me.  i know her blog readers are probably tired of me and my family plastered all over her page but i hope they enjoy watching james grow.

i hope everyone had a merry & bright christmas.


  1. Hey Amanda! I ran into your blog from Lindsay's. So cute! Great family pics....James is adorable!

  2. Aw you're so sweet!! (I finally made my way over here!) You know your my favorite family to shoot! And you're kinda famous too. All my customers know your kid!