do i make resolutions?  no, i don't.  not really.  i know i didn't for 2010 and i know i don't have any set for 2011.  not that i don't set goals for myself.  i suppose i just don't classify them as resolutions.

i never look in the mirror and think "dang!  how did i get so perfect?!"  never.  i will always be the type of person who will want to lose (at least) five pounds.  i will always see that wrinkle.  i will always wonder if i said something wrong and may have offended someone.  if i'm a good mom.  if i should be more Godly.  if i should be more of a suzie homemaker and less of a i need to run type person.  i've told you before that i'm a worrier.  see, i'm doing it again.

but i do have some things for 2011 that i'd like to tackle.  i was emailing a friend the other day and this is the gist of what i said were my non-resolutions:  i want to paint my fingernails more.  i want to find a balance for myself, my son, my husband and my work.  i want to clean more and complain less.  i want to work on not looking like darth vader on the weekends and try to be presentable for unexpected company (and my husband).  as i said, i don't consider these resolutions but things i should always work on.

am i the only person who doesn't set resolutions?  from the blog world, it seems i may be.  so cheers to all you non-resolutioners out there!  2011 will be a great year to complete our non-resolutions.  i can feel it.

random:  i just googled "darth vader" to make sure i spelled it right before i published this post and i did.  maybe i'm a subconscious star wars buff. well, i'm not but i'm still pretty impressed.  i actually don't even know what comparison i have to darth vader when i haven't brushed my hair or put on makeup but i suppose i just don't think darth is pretty.  i love it when the smallest thing makes me happy.  happy correctly spelled random word day!

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