lil' kicker

i am officially a soccer mom.  minus the minivan.  and the soccer stud.  well, maybe.  we took james to his first soccer "practice" on saturday morning.  it was so much fun. james was the youngest kid in his class but he kept up.  kind of.  he did the things he wanted and didn't do what he didn't.  he wasn't the only one with his own agenda though.  i think he enjoyed running around on the turf the most. he enjoyed trying to escape, building towers and playing with daddy.  i don't know who had more fun, daddy or james.

first james was trying to get all the soccer balls near him. while it was cute, he was not paying attention to his teachers at all.  luckily, they didn't really seem to mind.


stomping bubbles was another fun activity.  at first james was confused but then he caught on.  i wonder if he'll start stomping bubbles around our house now too.

this is james on the other half of the field.  where another class was taking place. 
i love this picture.  james was squealing with delight as he was trying to escape and fake mr. h out.  can you just see his happiness?

next up: squishy balls.  no lie.  technical term. 

most of the kids were bouncing on them, throwing them, and having a good time.  as you can see, james liked to lay on the rest of the squishies.  he played right there until the teacher needed the sack to put up the balls.

next up were these little cones.  james was pumped.  he kept going to these on the other side of the field. 

you were supposed to build a tower and kick it over.  um no.  james just wanted to keep building them over and over.  taller and taller.  when it was time to put them up, the class was almost over but james was done.

i would like to report that he was unhappy because we had to leave but in reality, he just didn't want to stop making cone towers.  plus, it was almost nap time. obviously this was a bad combination.

overall, we all had a great time though.  mr. h will take james back on saturday mornings and i can't wait to go and see how much he learns and improves.  i think it's too late to quit my day job and get corporate sponsors, but maybe one day...

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  1. i love this post! how cute is he? and your husband working with him? it's all so adorable! and great pictures, by the way!