ever have one of those mornings?  i'm totally having one right now. i'm trying not to let it ruin my day but in all honesty, i'm in a pretty bad mood.  or a bad, morning mood for me. 

my alarm went off at 5:05 but of course i hit snooze twice.  dang!  i really should only hit it once before crawling out of bed but today it was so nice and warm under my covers and it was so cold outside of them.  but around 5:25 i did it.  i made myself get up and do a little ab and arm workout.  i know, it was only about 35 minutes but it has got to be better than nothing, right?  i tell myself that it may jump start my metabolism too but i should google it.  anyway, i did that and got in the shower so in turn, i'm having a pretty good morning.  the only thing that would have made it better would have been a nice cup of coffee from my keurig.  the keurig i do not currently own but will be getting very soon.  i need one.  there, i said it.  it moved off my "want" list and onto my "need" list this past weekend.

i check the weather this morning, on my phone, and it says that it feels like -5 outside.  awesome.  have i mentioned that i lived in a character home in midtown?  this is a nice way of saying i live in a home built in 1949 where the garages are tiny and are used more for storage than for parking.  so, i loathe this weather.  i do have remote start so it hasn't been too bad but today, well, it just didn't help.  when i was time to get james out the door, i put a warm sweatshirt, stocking cap and his warmest jacket on him.  he was good to go. i took a few cell snaps of him in his osu sweatshirt to send to my mom as a little morning present.

mr. h takes james to school.  so, they were out the door and just fine.  i finish getting ready, coax waylon into his kennel, bundle up and head out the door.  it is freezing!  i mean, it is below freezing!  i get to my car and nada.  i pull the handle and the door won't open.  well, it moved enough to make you think it may open or i may rip the handle right off.  hummm.  this is annoying.  i have to go back inside and to the garage because the de-icer is in there.  so, i now back at my door fumbling for my house key.  got it.  find de-icer.  please be on the shelf.  yes.  thank you.  go back out, re-lock the front door and spray de-icer on the door.  nada.  what?  nope.  not working.  well great.  i then have to do the whole key thing again and get inside.  i call mr. h but he doesn't answer.  i can't remember if there are rules about using cool water versus warm water versus hot water.  okay, i'll start warm water.  get water on gloves.  great, this really sucks.  poor water on door seal.  nope.  not gonna happen  the water is just freezing back to it.  this isn't what is supposed to happen.  so, i go back inside and get hotter water.  calling ben and about to scream.  no answer.  i'm doin' it.  go out, still gloveless, and try hot water.  i'm thinking "1,2,3 pour and handle".  did it work? h*ll no.  now i'm out of ideas and calling my female co-worker.  she has no idea but thinks hot water will work.  i now have two glasses of hot water and am back out the door.  i spill some on my pants but i'm so mad that it doesn't really even phase me. i get out the and just start pouring the water on every place possible.  even the places that don't look stuck.  i go for the handle and nothing.  what?  how is that possible?!!  i try again with a little more force and it finally worked!  yes!  now i can finally fight the traffic and go to work!  well, first i have to go back inside, grab my purse and put down our kitchen glasses.

so, i'm driving to work and noticing that the water is still stuck to my window.  it is not supposed to get above freezing temperatures today so does this mean it will just re-freeze while i'm slaving away at the office?

this is the frozen mess as i'm almost to work while sweating because i have the defrost cranked all the way up in hopes to melt some of this.  i get to my parking garage and of course my window doesn't work so i was one of those people.  you know, the ones you laugh at because they are awkwardly trying to do something while opening the entire door?  well, that was me and i now have a new found sympathy for people with broken, or frozen, windows.  oh, and i almost forgot - when i was pulling off my street my car told me that i had a door open.  really?! funny.  that's what i've been trying to do for thirty minutes.  so, i have to pull over and crawl into the back seat and pry open my back doors and slam them shut so that i have a battery later today.  i did the passenger side too, for good measure.  anyone jealous yet?

i am at work.  i am a peach.  i am listening to music and drinking hot coffee.  i will turn this day around.  i won't let this ordeal ruin a whole day but i'm praying all day.  i'm praying that the same thing doesn't go down tomorrow morning.  or today when i try to leave work.  i now have spoken to mr. h and will require some husband help in the morning.  i think he knows he just got another "honey-do" added to his list.  luckily, he's smart and knows not to debate with me right now.

i hope everyone is warm. and safe.  and not stuck outside their frozen car.

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