hudson's birthday.

saturday, after soccer, james had a birthday party to attend.  mr. hudson was celebrating his second birthday.  my friend, jen, is his mom and did such a wonderful job planning this party.  please go to her blog and check out how perfectly she documented her little buckaroo's special day.  she is such a great multitasker.  i'm telling you, she was the party planner, photographer and super hostess.  phew!  i'm tired just thinking about all that.

i know that people stress out about having winter birthday parties but it was 115 degrees during james' party so i guess there are only a few oklahoma months with "perfect party" weather.  well, i have to say jenn picked a pretty daring, yet awesome, party activity.
yep folks.  that is in fact a little bounce house in her living room.  the kids loved it.  oh my goodness they had so much fun.  i randomly snapped this picture, on my way out the door, to show the size of the bounce house.  had i been paying more attention, i would not have cut off the birthday boy's head, at the bottom of the picture.  that slide was james' favorite part.  and if you look to the left, you'll see part of jenn (and no she's not the sweet, 12 year old girl).  see, this is what happens when you just snap away.

when we got there, 30 minutes late due to a necessary nap, the kids were going wild.  laughing with delight and having the most wonderful afternoon.  james' eye got so big as he just stared.  we let him take it all in before we decided it was time for him to try it.

he timidly sat near the edge...
and peek out out at us. check out that static hair! glad i'm not the only one.
and then made an escape. 

until he discovered the slide.

 he loved the slide.  i think he would have sat/laid right there watching all the action all afternoon, if he wasn't hogging the slide.  or until he got bounced off.  i suppose that is just what happens in a bounce house though, right?
thank goodness we put on a pair of white socks.  this could have been really embarrassing.

 luckily, we just had one happy boy!

my boy loves cake.  are you surprised?  below is his "please give me more cake" face:
and the classic yearbook pose.  and yes, this earned him more cake.  how could i resist?

this past saturday was so much fun.  i wish every saturday could be this family friendly and fun for everyone.  if my living room could house this thing, i might invest in one.  as for now, if anyone we know wants to set one up in their house, we'll come over for a play date.

thank you hudson for inviting us to your birthday party.  we had so much fun!  happy birthday!!

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  1. So glad you came! I'm happy that James had a good time. I felt so rushed around that I barely got to chat with anyone -- we'll have to schedule another playdate again soon.