poor baby james.

i've been with my baby.  he's been sick.  there is nothing worse than a sick little one.  on one hand i get a super snuggly little boy but on the other i have a baby who's temperature i cannot get below 100 degrees.  i have a child who will not eat or drink.  not even cookies or vanilla pudding.  or pedialyte pops.

sunday night i noticed james was running a fever and had a rash on his face and his torso.  the rash on his face was like one i had never seen before. it was bright red, flushed cheeks that looked more like a sunburn or a windburn than a rash but james wouldn't have been able to get either in the natural elements.  so, i took him into the doctor on monday and he was diagnosed with both fifths disease and the hand, foot and mouth disease.  one would cause a rash and high fever and the other caused blisters in the back of his throat preventing him to eat.  those are both in the "it is a baby virus that all babies get but we can't do anything because they just have to heal on their own" virus category.  awesome.

mr. h was out of town so we sent him these pictures from mondays events:

james stayed home from daycare on tuesday with mr. h because i had a deadline at work. james was still running a fever on wednesday morning so we kept him home from daycare one more day. we were convinced he was on the road to recovery and would return to daycare on thursday.  we just didn't want to be those parents that send their feverish child to daycare risking the health of a classmate.

james has been treated like a king propped up in our bed able to watch toy story 2 and 3 on demand. see, he still loves his woody doll.  woody's cool factor dramatically increases if he has the removable, little cowboy hat too.  luckily we had it but it once again missing in action.

wednesday night took a turn for the worse.  james' fever was sky rocketing into the 102s and he was so uncomfortable.  he was coughing and had very short breath.  i called the doctor first thing yesterday morning and got him in for a followup at the first available appointment.  we got the news that james had a severe right ear infection (which was perfect on monday) and either pneumonia or rsv.  james got a shot that requires a 20 minute wait in the office after administered.  while we waited i gave james his first  breathing treatment.

this was so sad.  james didn't even fight it.  he was so puny that he just laid on my lap and patiently took medicine threw the machine.  we were then sent down to the lab to have an rsv test run.

i don't think you understand that this is the opposite behavior of my usually active, happy, curious, little boy.  while we were waiting, i asked the nurse if we would rather have pneumonia or rsv.  she said pneumonia because it is a bacterial infection and we could get antibiotics to start treatment immediately.  

well, the test came back.  rsv.  we have another antibiotic but mainly for the ear infection and our very own breathing machine.  we were instructed to give treatments every two hours.  all night long.  luckily james still doesn't fight them.  i think they actually bring him relief.

for now, we are trying to force pedialyte and fluids down his throat.  if is does not get enough, he will have to be admitted into the hospital for dehydration.  this is what we like to see.

right now my little prince is sleeping.  i'm hoping he'll wake up feeling a little bit better.  and have a wet diaper.  i know, totally a mom thing but diaper matters can tell a lot about a baby.  they have been a staple conversation around our house.

please pray that my sweet baby boy has a speedy recovery.

thank you.


  1. Poof guy!! I will keep him in myy prayers! RSV is no fun!

  2. awww poor baby james! praying for y'all. i'm so sorry you're going through this, too. it's hard on mommies and the baby. praying it passes very quickly!

    so i'm sure you do, but if i had a baby james i'd be singing "rockabye sweet baby james" to him all the time. it's one of my favorite songs and would be such a sweet lullabye. :)

  3. I have been soo worried about your sweet angel all week. I hope he is improving every second!

  4. poor james! im just now catching up on blogs, but wanted to chime in! we have had our nebulizer since Jack was 9 months old! he gets two breathing treatments a day no matter what! we have never had rsv, but we've had pneumonia and bronchitis both multiple times! it stinks, but the breathing treatments really do help! just a tip - im assuming james is getting albuterol, right? if it makes him super hyper (which it does to most kids), ask your doctor for Xopenex - it's the exact same as albuterol, but without all the side effects - hyperness, jittery, trouble sleeping... just thought I'd throw that in there. Jack doesn't seem to react to the albuterol too much, but some of my friends kids have and they switch to Xopenex and the reactions go away! Jack gets Pulmicort (a steroid) daily at his treatments.

    anyway, i hope he is feeling tons better by now!