my heart hurts.

i am typing from my iphone. i never do this. i am on my way to dallas. i am approximately twenty minutes from home and i am dying. my heart hurts. i am driving away from james for the very first time. he is almost 17 months old and i have not stayed one night away from my sweet boy. my snuggle muffin. my world. my chest is heavy and i'm fighting back the tears. i'm praying that i will survive this weekend without him. i feel like i'm not whole - like i'm leaving half of me behind. i sincerely i hope this anxiety passes and i can enjoy my weekend. i'm going to see my dear friend and run an exciting run. the biggest run i've run thus far. i need to think positive. mr. h and james will be fine. it's me. i'm the one who isn't going to be okay. i am already looking forward to monday when i can squeeze my baby and smother him in sugars.


  1. You are going to do great in the race and Monday will be here before you know it!!!!

  2. I understand your pain! You are a good momma! And James is soo proud of you.