dear santa.

this past weekend we took james to meet santa.  i'm hoping he asked for a front loading washer and dryer but we'll see.  i don't think it can fit under the tree so maybe he's being a bit ambitious.  we went to santa's workshop at the local bass pro shop.  this place has this time of year perfected.  first you must got straight to the workshop to get a pass.  we've done this the past two years and have had to wait about 30 minutes each time but i suppose the wait time could vary.  anyway, they tell you when to come back.  conveniently this allows you plenty of time to shop and find things you and your loved ones never knew they wanted.  they also have a craft for children but james still isn't old enough.  we went to look at the fish tanks and waterfall and that did the trick.  james didn't need a craft.  however, i did need a starbucks to keep me going for this bass pro adventure.

once we got back in line, well once they allowed us to get in line, we could see santa and give him our christmas list.

okay, okay.  truth be told - we didn't write a letter to santa this year.  i'm hoping we will in future years though.  james just went up to the mailbox on his own so i had to take a picture.

at this point, james was over the santa line and wanted to run everywhere.  we tried our best just to keep him happy.  santa's workshop was close where we could see it but we couldn't go up and touch anything.  this is not so great for a 16 month old, curious boy.

okay, so last year we saw these reindeer and i had no idea that reindeer were real.  where have i been?  i mean, i knew there were caribou but i didn't know that the caribou was a reindeer.  ohew!  i'm just glad i know before james out smarts me.

then it came. the moment of truth.  time to meet mr. clause.  again.  last year was so fun.  we went and james smiled and everyone in the crowd laughed and clapped.  it was like it was out of a movie.  or they were just terrified that he was going to scream and he did the opposite.  i perfer to go with the first option though.
see!  he loved santa. 

this year i knew it would be different.  james is much more aware of strangers.  and i don't think he encounters any with big, white beards too often.

oh no!  the water works are starting but we were right there to tell him everything was okay.

then santa got the stare down.  do i know you?

no, i don't know you so i'll just stare blankly at the elf behind the camera.

well, at least he didn't cry. cry much anyway.  it was just so quick.  you wait forever and then you have your 5 seconds of fame.  i wanted to capture the moment more but the line was getting longer and wanted their turn.  so, we got our free 5 seconds with santa, grabbed our free picture and went to eat.  it was fun.  i'm glad we went before it gets really crazy at santa's workshop.  parents are nuts.  i saw them.  the crazy ones last sunday.  they're taking the kids to meet santa and they don't like to wait their turn.

james has been a very good boy this year so i'm positive he isn't on the naughty list.  of course, i'm not bias either.  

happy december!!! 

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  1. I don't remember ever seeing last years pic...I squealed! James is soooo CUTE!