finish line.

the link below is the finish line (and best part of my day) at the white rock marathon.
once you hit play, a short annoying commercial will play and then you’ll see runners cross. if you’ll notice the time clock it is at the 5 hour mark, i did not cross until 5:31 and some change. so, use the scroll at the bottom of the screen and move it approximately ¾ of the way to the right and look at the time clock. once you’ve hit 5:30 you’ll see me coming toward you. i’ll be on the left side of the screen wearing red sleeves, black capri pants and a white hat. if you turn up the sound, you can hear them say my name. unfortunately, i didn’t hear them as i ran across so it was nice to know they said it. i love hearing them say it. enjoy.


on another note, about mile 14 or so (they kind of run together) i saw a mom run into the arms of her little boy.  i cried.  i cried while i was running.  i could tell her son was older than james but still a little boy.  it got me thinking, when can i do that?  and if i cry just seeing her, what will happen when i get my turn?!?  i'm telling you - i felt so good and loved during this run!  i think i'm still on my runner's high. 

when i got home, a dozen red roses were there to greet me.  they were beautiful.  this card was attached:

i told you i have the best husband.

he also posted this on his social network page:

see.  i told you, i'm one lucky lady.  the fact that other people posted kind words means so much to me too.  even people i don't personally know!  supportive people are awesome.  period.

see that blur?  that's me!!!  crossing the finish line to my second marathon in 14 days.  woo hoo!  i don't know if you can tell, but i had the biggest smile on my face.  i think i'm blurry because i was running so fast.  just a thought.


  1. I am almost positive it was because you were running so fast. :-D

  2. I watched the video and heard your name! You're amazing! Seriously, very few people in this world can pull off 2 marathons in a matter of 2 weeks!

  3. either you're insane...or totally awesome! :)
    i'm completely impressed.
    now take a load off!!!

  4. AWE!! Ben did a GREAT job spoiling you with all the support! You do have a good hubby! HOW SWEET!!