beautiful, blue eyes.

this weekend we had some company - sweet lucy.  she was so cute.  and i'm not just saying this because she is the daughter of our close friends.  in fact, she lives in another town and we don't get the opportunity to get them together near as often as we'd like.  she is only six months older than james but i could tell a big difference in their mannerisms.  besides a difference in vocabulary and motor skills, lulu's hair was in a ponytail decorated with a purple bow.  oh how i love little girls with bows.  i can only imagine all the money i would spend for hair accessories if i had a sweet baby girl.  and it's good thing james isn't a girl because he still doesn't have very much hair.  i'd be googling how to make a bow stay on a head without hair - for sure.
we had such a fun afternoon catching up and watching our kids interact.  i've come to the conclusion that little girls are just born with the motherly instinct.  they try to help.  they love on baby dolls and other little babies.  not that james isn't a good "helper" but i can just tell a difference.  i'm normally not around little girls. (not for long though.  two of my best friends are having baby girls in february.)  but i've only witnessed little girls hug on and try to help baby james.  of course, he cried every time.  funny right? soon he'll really enjoy those moments. 

 you think he's telling her that she has beautiful, blue eyes?

and she's outta there.  no thank you.  she's going to take her beautiful, blue eyes and go play with the car. 

this is what it's really like trying to get a picture of these two.  this picture is perfect.  lucy kept climbing up and down and james just isn't quite there yet.  he can climb some things (like the coffee table.  he's a professional coffee table climber.) but not this bench.  i could tell he was jealous.  she did try to help him up but he cried.  i don't know what is more humorous - lulu thinking she could lift james up or his crying reaction towards her kind gesture.  either way, i cannot wait to see these two grow up together.  i've always assumed that they'll be more like brother and sister but he'll have her back and make sure she only dates the good guys, the true gentlemen type guys.  but maybe they'll be boyfriend and girlfriend.  i mean, we know her parents are cool so it could be a pretty sweet deal.  maybe they'll just secretly have a crush on one another.  what will the future hold?  i'm not sure but i think it will be pretty fun to kick back and find out.

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  1. I have seen that same look in Bens eyes a time or two! :) Great pics guys. By the way both Lila and Ileigh have about as much hair as James. I think my daughters glues or tapes bows to their heads...