james is obsessed with this book.

when i read his daily report for daycare and it says something like "james enjoyed reading or playing with books" i get so happy.  i mean, i know he's not reading, per say, but i like that he is interested in them.  for the past week we have been reading the my first word book nonstop. 

it's the first thing he wants to do after school.

he will sit and "read" by himself for the longest time.  long enough to change clothes and get dinner going anyway.  he'll say "book.  book.  book!!!" until i go pick up the book or read it with him.

i love that this book is big and the pictures are so big.  i will admit, it is outdated.  it was printed in 1991.  so, the picture of the phone and vacuum cleaner are a bit dated but it makes me laugh.  grandma brought this book over last friday and he's read it every single night.

i love that it makes him so happy.  i love that he'll repeat the words after me.

i love it when james picks up the book and want to sit in my lap or next to me to read.  i love everything about it.  i'm so glad this book made it's way over to our house.  there is something so rewarding about reading with my baby.  it makes me feel good.  it makes me feel warm inside.  i feel productive with quality time and education.  there's nothing like it.  i hope he continues to like books because i'm really enjoying james' new hobby.

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