slim.  i'm referring to james.  funny, right?
this is the newest nickname given to james by mr. h and his dad, papaw.  james had been running a fever for several days last week so i went ahead and took him to the doctor.  it was the typical visit - when we got there he was fine.  perfect.  no fever.  not whiny.  into everything and talking up a storm.  fine.  the doctor said that he had a virus, one with a name that i cannot say or even begin to spell, but she could tell that his fever had broken by a small rash on his chest.  so, there was $25 bucks right out the window. 
he did however sit on the scale and for once he hadn't gained a ton of weight.  at first, i thought he lost weight but in fact he didn't.  but due to my error, he got the nickname slim.  at one year james weighed 29 pounds and 3 ounces.  he now weighs a little less than 31 pounds.  my baby has gained less than two pounds in three months but grown almost two inches!  this is huge.  he is thinning out.  i can tell by his wrists.  he doesn't have those rubberbands around them anymore.  it kind of makes me sad.  i think he looks older without all the rolls.  i miss the rolls. 
don't get me wrong, my kid still has meat on his bones but i think he's finally starting to level out.  his doctor has only been saying he would since he was six months old.  i've never been able to buy clothes ahead or on sale for the next season because i had no clue what size he would wear.  now, i'm not going to start shopping like crazy but i feel more confident that i'll be able to predict his size better from now on.  that is kind of exciting.  i'm a mother.  you can tell by the things that excite me these days.  and i'm not buying james anymore clothes for a while because i'm already jealous of his fall wardrobe.  he got outfitted by the gap while i'm still searching my closet to figure out what on earth i wore last season.  no, but seriously - what did i wear??

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