yesterday i had an appointment directly after work.  so, the boys were on their own for a while.   this doesn't worry me.  mr. h is a great dad and is very interactive with james.  i call on my way home and this was part of our conversation:

me: what is buster doing?

mr. h: he's having a big time.  he has a new chair.

me: did you buy him a new chair?

mr. h: no, he likes the recliner.  like the big recliner.  he can sit.  he can play.  he can rock.  he likes it!

me: o-o-o-h.  can he get down?  is it safe??

mr. h: yes, he can get down.  and i'm watching him.  he's surfing now. (he says this with enthusiasm and joy.  delight.  laughter.  as if it were one of the cutest things he's ever seen)

my thought: really?  my 1 year old is an adrenalin junkie?!!  climbing the coffee table isn't enough of a rush these days??

me: the strawberry on his forehead just healed.  if he gets hurt....

mr. h knew where the conversation was going and decided to make james get down.  or at least get down while i was on the phone.  when i got home all was well - no new bumps or bruises to james p. sunshine. 

mr. h documented what i missed:

honestly, i don't know if i'm a weenie or what but i cannot see myself letting james chair surf on my watch.  good thing he had fun while i was gone!  little boys are scary.  they're dare devils.  they make me a nervous wreck. 

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