thumbs up.

it's finally fall here in oklahoma.  it's freezing at night and in the morning but manages to mess your wardrobe up by being sunny and in the 70s during the day.  it's a tricky time of year.  layers are about the only solution.  i mean, if your office is anything like mine it's either hot or cold.  it doesn't seem to matter what the weather is outside.  it's freezing in the summer and hot in the winter.  if you wear that plush sweater, you'll regret it and sweat to death.  anyway, i was having the same dilemma with james.  no, obviously not what to wear to work but what to wear while riding in his carseat.  big jacket?  no, seatbelt won't fasten.  hat?  maybe.  he's about 50/50 if he'll keep it on longer than 5 minutes.  vest?  maybe.  they do have a cute one i could buy... oh who am i kidding. i bought it and forced the kid to wear it yesterday. 

is that adorable or what?!! 
at first he didn't really like it but he got used to it.  i mean, he was acting like he couldn't walk.  seriously james?  the vest just throws off your balance??  it was pretty funny to watch.  i could tell he wasn't uncomfortable.  i don't really know why the vest would constrict his stride but he eventually adapted and moved on.
since fall is is full swing mr. h and i decided to take james to the park again last night.  i know that once daylight savings time hits and the weather turns colder, the park will only be a memory until next year.  well, we may take him on the weekend but i'm talking about for an evening adventure.  we decided to try a park we haven't been to before.  i hoped they had swings.  i still want to take pictures of a swinging baby!  we got there and discovered it was a park made for big kids or kids older than james.  and didn't have swings.  great!

james just looked at it for a while.  not sure where to go or what to do.  but once he ventured towards the playground, we realized one thing.  james cannot walk on sand.  this sand was thick and he would trip and then get it all over himself.  i'm not going to lie, he didn't like it but neither did i.  i mean, i didn't want to get sand in my tennis shoes.  sand and flip flops is one thing.  sand in my fall jacket and tennis shoes is another.  overall, it was pretty close to a death trap for my 1 year old.  we had to watch him like a hawk.  james seemed to enjoy himself regardless.

we played and played walked around behind james and made sure he didn't fall off anything until the sun had set and it was getting dark and cold.  mr. sunshine was not happy that we were leaving but he was tired and rubbing his eyes.  i love little family adventures.  i think james does too.

even though this picture clearly shows that james gives this park a "thumbs up" rating, i doubt we'll bring him back before next summer.


  1. That last picture might be my ALL TIME favorite picture of James (aka Slim) EVER!!