one year {by andrea murphy photography}

this post is much over due but with the blog challenge and daily life, it just got pushed back a bit.  better late than never, right?
as you know, andrea murphy is one of my friends who happens to make a living by taking pictures.  lucky for me.  for james' first portraits we wanted to do something a bit different so we went downtown.  no, it isn't rare for family portraits but it isn't the typical baby portrait session.  i had envisioned a "preppy" shoot and then an outfit change to get a fun "urban" shoot.  well, then life happened.  it was over a hundred degrees with the heat index making oklahoma equivalent to that of hades.  then, james just wasn't working the camera.  i could tell something was wrong but i assumed the heat.  (i blame the heat all the time.)  but it turns out that james was actually coming down with bronchitis and an ear infection.  this was confirmed by his doctor two days after the photo shoot.  luckily, andrea got some great snaps and we didn't need to have another session.  i mean, we'll see her in a few weeks for our family session.  we see her all the time.  i love it!  i think she does too.

anyway, i would like to show you a few of my favs and get your opinion as to which one i should order for my wall.  i like so many that i just can't choose.

my instant fav:

but i love all of these too:

minus my foot, of course.

but i think these really reflect his ornery personality:

it's funny how we can go from this:
all smiles.

to this:
mr. serious.

well, i've just overloaded you with photos.  the funny thing is that i looked at them when they first became available online but haven't looked since.  so, i really enjoyed this post and getting to pick them over to see which ones i like more.  i love them all.  i'm not bias.  at all.  i promise.

AND i just want you to know that i purchased the cutest shoes to match but his feet were too wide.  i asked mr. h if i could butter them for the pictures but i was denied.  i also had a cute matching baseball cap but james wasn't feeling it.  regardless, i like his outfit and i like that you can see his fat wide feet and his growing blonde hair.  stud muffin.


  1. I guess I like the first one and second to the last. Hard Choice!

  2. Oh my! He is a beautiful baby. Y'all need to get busy and make some more!!!

  3. hi amanda, it's darci - chelsea's friend and chelse's friend! james is too stinkin' cute! i love the 2 pictures with him leaning against the brick with one hand! but they are all great! good luck deciding!

  4. My blog is posting sometime today with my faves on it! I only posted 5 but I'm pretty sure you've picked all 5 of those here.