one hundred.

so, this is my 100th post!  as exciting as it may seem, it's really thrown a wrench in my consistent blogging.  i felt like i needed to do something special or write something fantastic for such a special occasion.  i mean, i feel like it is special but then again - how long have i been blogging?  i'm not going to look but i probably should have hit the 100 mark long before today.  so, i've been thinking and thinking.  what has happened lately that is special?  should i do my first give-a-way?  should i wait for something spectacular?  now, nothing has sparked that light bulb and i still haven't come up with anything grand so i'm just going to get this post over with and move on to my random daily (or trying to be daily) posts.  happy 100th post to my alter ego.  well, it is me but my misspelled words and lack of grammar knowledge is more apparent.  blogger's block has got me but i will overcome.  i will persevere.

dear blog,
happy 100th post.  it's been fun.  it's been real.  number 200 - you, you better watch out.  i'm comin' for you.


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  1. Congrats on your 100th! Now it's time to move on to 101!!!

    I'll be thinking of you tonight. If you need anything, call!!!