the box it came in...

last saturday morning, while i was running, mr. h took james to lowe's and target.  they went to lowe's to get paint and to target to get a toy lawnmower.  mr. h has seen another little boy down at the park with one and he says james loves it.  (he also says that the other little boy is not a very good at sharing.)  unfortunately, they were fresh out of bubble lawnmowers.  i think they must be a summer item.  so, they scoured the isles for the perfect toy.  lucky for james.  he would have just gotten another walk behind toy but instead he got this:

this "toy" is for 18 month old babies toddlers and older.  this is not a cute little 4-wheeler that you push flinstone style.  this thing has a battery and push button motion.  james is unsure about it.  sometimes he loves it.  sometimes he screams if you try to make him ride it.
sunday morning mr. h was going to let me sleep in (which means i can sleep until 8 before i feel too guilty and then crawl out of bed) but the entire time i kept hearing the loud mini 4-wheeler go or mr. h telling james to "push the button". 
vroom vroom
push the button
push the button, james
vroom - see
push the button
vroom vroom
james, push the button
push the button
push the button
there was little sleep going on with all the commotion.  i wanted to forbid mr. h to say the "button" line one more time but then i found myself saying it too.  if by chance james did push the button, his steering skills are non-existent.  then you'd hear a loud boom or thud, depending on what james has run into.  overall i can tell he likes it but i definitely think he'll like it more with age and practice.  this is a toy he'll grow into.  he does like to walk behind it and push it though.  it still makes the motorized sound.  which to a young boy, is pretty cool feature of the toy anyway.  right?

but for now this is one of the greatest parts of the 4-wheeler...

...the box it came in!!

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  1. Love it!

    James is leaps and bounds above Tylee. We got her a 4-wheeler for her 2nd birthday and she was about 28 months old before she would ride it!