what a beautiful buzz...

by 8 am i had great morning.  all smiles.  i have a buzz.  i ran ten miles.  ten hilly miles.  ten strong miles.  i set a personal goal for myself and i beat it by over five minutes.  sweet success.  days like today make me feel so good that i crawled out of my warm bed before the sun and hit the pavement in this crisp fall air. 
last night i took an old playlist and updated it.  it was bliss this morning.  at times i love having a motivational, fast pace song and at others i love having just a good tune.  just one i enjoy listening too.  but today right as i was at the 9.5ish mile a great running song came on.  eminem.  loose yourself.  it gave me the extra burst to finish strong.  finish fast.  finish breathless.  finish proud.  then as i was walking to my car i heard a song that made me feel utter joy.  it was like my theme song was playing in my ear right then and there.

turn up your speakers and jam out with me.

i, of course, made my trip to starbucks to get my celebration coffee.  i ordered and went to was my hands and splash my face with water.  i was surprised that my iced coffee with cream wasn't ready and waiting on me when i return.  so, the maybe sixteen year old boy handed me an iced coffee with cream and i was on my way out the door.  i walked to my car with my head high, my shoulders up and enjoying the morning sun.  i didn't even take a drink until i got home.  something wasn't right so i look at the cup and saw this:

i have "jed's" iced coffee with cream.  i'm not a fan.   luckily i'm in such a good mood that i don't care.  i mean, i won't drink it but i honestly don't care.  off to shower and enjoy the rest of my saturday.  well, i will probably listen to loving cup one more time though.

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