antibacterial addiction.

i wish i could get a lifetime supply of wet ones.  if there were a contest, i'd enter.  i'd make mr. h and my mom enter too.  and make them give them to me if they won. these beauties have been a heaven send since james was born.  i cannot stand a messy face or sticky hands.  james is the typical one year old and gets into everything, creating a tornado in his path, and learning how to feed himself big boy foods.  therefore, we constantly have a messy face and sticky hands...but not for long.  i'll even take time during a meal to freshen him up. it makes me feel better.  i'm sure it does him too.  right?

me:  i got two more containers of wet ones while i was at wal-mart.

mr. h:  good.  you can't ever have too many.  where did you put them?

me:  i know, right?  on top of the fridge.

mr. h:  i wonder if you can buy them at sam's.  they would make a great present for someone.

too cute.  i think that is officially a daddy moment and can rank up there in phrases i'd never thought i'd hear mr. h say.  regardless, we are going to see if we can buy these antibacterial bad boys in bulk.

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