things that make you go hmm...

- when it rains people forget how to drive.

- how my mom can live without call waiting and caller id.

- the taco bueno menu. i've been a thousand times but still look at it like i might deviate from my usual order.

- how my dog can find the only puddle in the yard and proceed to roll in it.

- why hairstylists with bad hair have clients. that is self advertisement people.

- what babies think about all day long.

- how i've managed to keep all james' socks but can't seem to keep my own around.

- why some days i can take 20 minutes to get ready when others is a solid hour. same results too.

- when google doesn't have the answer. i mean, am i the only person who has ever googled it?!

there are so many more "hmm" moments but i'll stop with these. they may start to get whiny if i continue. maybe one day i'll have the answers but probably not. i'll keep you posted if i do.

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