my milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard.

only 1 boy actually. james - as if you didn't know.
anyway, my new venture in life is to feed the baby. yep, i'm a nursing mother. i've had the most peculiar conversations about breast feeding versus feeding formula bottles. as i respect all opinions, for myself i wanted to try nursing and if HAD too, resort to formula. i made this decision before having to "milk" while at the office. that will be a blog in itself so i'll get back on track. when i was at the salon, a lady asked me what i was feeding my "healthy" baby. i hadn't been asked by a total stranger so i was a bit taken back. most strangers don't care what i'm feeding my kid as long as he's not crying. right? i find myself to be a mature individual but sometimes i just don't know how to reply. i mean, i don't say the word "breast" to strangers often. i mean, before having a baby i never said the word breast. ever. now it is in daily conversation. so i gracefully put my had up to my chest and reply "milk". she looked at me and looked back at my baby and said, "you must be making milkshakes"!

sweet cheeks.

wait until i post a full body shot. his stomach laps over his pants like an old fella and if he could walk, his thighs might ignite.


  1. That is HILARIOUS! I hadn't heard that story yet. Too funny!

  2. i love fat babies! keep the "milk shakes" comin'!