time flies.

today is james' two month birthday.  or is that his 1/6 birthday?  anyway, i figure for his first year of life he can have monthly birthdays.  let's face it, we're not spoiling him rotten on just this one day.  the king is spoiled everyday.  needless to say, he hated the shots.  i mean, screamed and cried.  he wouldn't even eat afterwards!  my kid always eats.  eating is his thing.  afterall he is the average weight of a six month old baby.  james is off the charts at 16 pounds and 1 ounce. what healthy little chunk stud muffin.
in honor of his birthday momma is going to britney tonight and he will have boys night with pops.  i will post two months pictures soon.


  1. A deep birthday poem for the little guy:

    Happy Birthday little Prince JP!
    In your honor we're seeing Britneyyyyyyyyyy!

    (I worked all day on this one.)

  2. Happy 2 months JP!