Ben = lush

Present lush that is. Today our wonderful coworkers threw us a baby shower. We got a few much needed items, the second car seat base and a diaper champ, and a few adorable, fun items. If you know my husband, you know he loves opening presents. Below is a picture showing his sheer joy.

i think this was his favorite present today.
drinks all night, potties all day. baby bling.

i am 37 weeks pregnant and huge. big baby on board.
We cannot wait to set up and use all our new baby gadgets and gear.
Thank you!


  1. You can really tell when Ben gets excited! haha Love the baby bling! Cute pic of you guys too!

  2. Of course I like it. How can you tell??

  3. Ya'll are so cute! I can't wait to meet that baby!!