The Money Shot.

Hello everyone. Happy Monday! I am in a great mood this Monday. This is strange for me. I ALWAYS have a case of the Mondays. I think its the sunshine and knowing that I will have a fantastic four day weekend with friends and family ahead. So, happy early Memorial Day to everyone. Please have a beer, cocktail or one of each for me. I have been craving a mimosa lately so for those of you who like a little bubbly and champagne, have another round for your sober friend. I will be the designated driver for my hubs and allow him to partake in the first official "lake season" holiday of 2009. Awe. He better behave. :)

I believe I am also in a good mood bc I have a sneak preview of the maternity photos Ben and I had taken last Friday. So, for all of you who have been curious to see the growing belly, today is THE day. Andrea had enquired about doing a maternity photo shoot and honestly I hadn't considered taking one but I am SO thankful I let her talk me into it. I have been pretty insecure about my changing body. The swelling, cankles and chubby cheeks have taken their toll on the ol' ego. Therefore, lack of documentation. Big mistake. Big. Huge. (what movie? weird, i was typing that and it just came out. totally unplanned.)

Anyway, Ben and I had a fun evening taking pictures that then led to a dinner date. Overall, we had a fantastic date night and would do it all over again. We were so curious to see the results and got a sneak peek today on Andrea's blog!! I'll post a couple of pictures that I'm stealing off her page...only bc I know she won't care. If you want to see a few more, click on her link and check them out. I'm a little over 30 weeks pregnant in these pictures. That is 7 1/2 months pregnant to all of you non-pregnant readers who don't measure you life in weeks. Wait until you're pregnant, it's all about the weeks.

I love this shot. Ben and I are kissing for it but I think it is precious and really shows James off.

Me: Whoa! I look like I have a big pregnant belly.
My mom: Amanda, you do have a big pregnant belly. You're pregnant.

Yes, I am aware but sometimes I still have to pinch myself.

i really like this picture. it will match my, i mean james', nursery too.

Below: Warning! THE money shot. My bare belly.

Yes, it's real. No, my belly button has not "popped" out and no it isn't really an innie anymore either. I'm in betweenie with no button. If it does decide to pop out within the next several weeks, I'll blog about it. I think it will freak me out.

OOh, and another thing to be happy about today is that Zeigler's called and my wedding photo is framed and ready to hang in my house. Happy picture day for the Hale household! I wish all Mondays could be this much fun.

Thank you Ben for being a great husband. Thank you Andrea for doing such a wonderful job of documenting our special moments. We truly value all of your efforts to make us look fantastic and memorable.


  1. amanda, you look beautiful! the pictures turned out great!

  2. Aw thanks for the kind words! You guys are really the best, ever!

  3. i LOVE them!!! you look great...glad you did it! (the pictures i mean)
    AND...pretty woman!

  4. These are beautiful!! You just convinced me to do this too. Totally loved the comment about measuring your life in weeks - soo true. Never understood the whole week thing until I was preggers!

  5. These pictures are absolutely stunning! You are the most beautiful mommy-to-be!