Mini Saltines.

Have you ever noticed how miniature foods can taste better? If not, I have. My husband noticed this too so I know I'm not the only crazy one. His latest find and mini purchase are mini saltine crackers. They are fabulous and have been a staple item throughout the past couple of months. They seem to cure almost anything but have been especially great for heartburn and a rolling stomach. Add some sprite and you have a fantastic cure-all snack! Yesterday, I was craving them in a bad way. This scenario transpired over blackberry messenger:

me: i am sneaking out of work 14 minutes early. i cannot fight my mini saltine cravings any longer!!!

blb: you are wild and crazy!

me: i know! a real dare devil mixed with evil knievel.


finally!! nom nom nom

blb: do you eat them alone?

me: no, i fed some to the pups too. but they were fabulous!

blb: ha! i don't mean by yourself. i mean with anything else like soup!

me: oh haha! nope, plain.

It was definitely a Monday and I had a one track mind. By the way, my doggies did tricks for these babies too. A real family treat!!

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  1. Love it!!! This sounds like a conversation we would have!!