Thank You Carrie...

Thanks to Carrie's wedding, I'm photographed in a few pictures. I did my best to avoid the lens most of the night but did not succeed a few times. Andrea Murphy was the photographer for Carrie's special day as well. Her pictures are amazing and I thought I would share a few.

Above is one of my most favorite pictures taken of Carrie and John. I just love the look and feel. I hope she frames it for their new home.

Jayme and I were asked to be the greeters and program people for the ceremony. Of course I could not decline but I did make sure to tell Carrie that I would only do it if she didn't mind a whale greeting people. I am 6 months pregnant here and the belly cannot be concealed.

Below is my favorite picture from the night!

(you can click on this picture to increase the size and enhance the special qualitites of this snap)
Please note that Carrie and John are finally making their way off the dance floor to get this staged exit. Yes, that is a neck tie falling off Carrie's shoulders. She was so beautiful and having the most wonderful time. Note: I am so excited that bubbles show up in night pictures!
More importantly, I LOVE this picture because of the crazy woman caught blowing bubbles right in their face. She did not feel it necessary to join the lines with the other guests. Look at that form. My husband is taking this seriously and looks like the best little bubble blower. Can you see him? Lastly, I am NOT supposed to be in this picture but JP had other plans. Yes, off the the left you can see my arm and baby bump. No legs necessary. He's a sneaky little guy. Love him.

Carrie and John went to the Dominican Republic for 9 days. Lucky ducks. Welcome back to reality and Congratulations on your future together!!!

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