I Love Mobiles.

I think looking at baby mobiles is entertaining. They are just so sweet. There are so many different kinds, options and styles....fuzzy, singing, moving, whirling, abstract and traditional. There are so many I found it hard to decide which one would be perfect for Mr. James to gaze up at while drifting to sleep in his crib. BUT I found it on the Internet. Yes, online shopping again. I am sure many of you are shocked but I know you'll agree that this time it was completely necessary. Would you like to see?

(i know you would....)

It's called "Dances of the Cranes" by Flensted Mobiles. I found it on babyearth.com. I love that website. Anyway, it will hang from the ceiling and constantly "fly". It should be arriving in the mail tomorrow. I hope I love it in person as much as I do on my computer screen and how I picture it in my nursery.

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