Purchasing Pink or Buying Blue???

This blog is WAY overdue but I would like to share a few photos from the Baby Hale gender party. For those of you who aren't aware, you can throw a party for yourself for almost every special occasion. I would like to thank my friends and family for attending all of our recent showers. This one was a bit different though and I am so glad that we decided to have one more party in our honor. Our gender party was on February 22nd at a local pub, McNellie's. Everyone, but me, had a few beverages, good food and some good laughs. Earlier in the week, Ben and I went to the baby appointment to find out the gender of Baby Hale but we decided to have the results sealed in an envelope and delivered to Ann's Bakery. Ben said he could wait but once one other person knew the gender, the ultrasound tech, he had to know. Therefore, I left the results locked in my car until I could make it to the bakery. The lovely ladies at Ann's were so kind in delivering my unheard of request. I asked them to open the envelop, once I left of course, and fill 2 dozen cupcakes like twinkies. The only catch was if the results in the envelope were a girl, make the icing pink, and if they were for a boy, make it blue. They were giddy and agreed. Then fluffy white icing was then placed on top to conceal any color evidence. Everyone, I mean everyone, would wait until dessert to find out the gender. My mother thinks I cheated and looked but I promise you, I was going to wait for the surprise.
Below are my favorite candid photos taken by our parents. (note: they are not professionals)

Ben and I before the baby cakes.
No, I did not wear blue in hopes of a boy. Yes, Ben wore blue in hopes of a baby boy.

Please notice my face. I was scared. You can laugh. I obviously should not play poker.

I am taking a reluctant bite. My husband was taking the biggest bite possible.
Yes, he planned it. He did not want to miss the icing and have to go for another bite before finding out the gender.


MY reaction to his reaction:

Can you guess?

blue. James Patterson or "JP" Hale.

We had three leftover cupcakes. Ben and I took them home. Ben ate all three and LOVED seeing the inside color for each and every one of them. He would walk proudly around the house and remind me that we were having "a little warrior". Now he is onto talking about fishing, peeing outside, hunting and athletics. I think it is incredibly sweet and cannot wait for his arrival this summer.


  1. Hmmm... I think we should play poker now! :) That was a great idea though! I am all for any future parties involving cupcakes.

  2. amanda, that is the CUTEST idea ever! when we found out that we were having a boy court called every single person in his phone to tell them. he was so proud. it was something i'll never forget.

    this is such a cute story that i'm sure you'll remember forever.