2 Months Down, Forever To Go...

In honor of my Two Month Anniversary of being Mrs. Hale, I would like to share two of my most favorite wedding pictures. Okay, choosing is too difficult for me because I think Andrea and April did a wonderful job and I love ALL of my photos. Therefore, I'll give you a little more eye candy to look at in honor of my wonderful two months.

My Mother's favorite two bridal portraits:

Two that will grace the walls of the Hale household:

My first two pictures in my work cube:

Two of Ben's favorite shots:

Two that represent my love for my husband of two months:

I look forward to the next two months, two years and two+ decades with Mr. Hale.

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  1. i'm loving this! i've tried to do a blog before...but there just isn't anything exciting to write about! :(
    i'm so happy for you and where you're life has led....it is beautiful!