The other day at work my coworker told me that I'm over halfway through my pregnancy so i might start getting swollen feet and ankles. I thought to myself, "Phew! I hope that doesn't happen to me" and went on my merry way. UNTIL last night. ATTACK of the cankles! Yes, I put on a pair of boots and they almost wouldn't zip. I tried to find the usual excuses but I am positive my dryer didn't shrink my boots too. This my friends is tragic. This is a fear and self image concern I've had about myself for as long as I can remember. I am learning how to deal with the other, more obvious, growing parts on my body but I really didn't expect to grow cankles as well! I mean, it's summer time and I won't even be able to hide them under jeans. So, I've done some research - this consisted of consulting google (which wasn't helpful in the cankle department) and telling my coworker it's all her fault bc she jinxed me. She told me to stay away from salt and keep my feet propped up. It sounds to me like I need to be fanned while eating grapes for the remaining months of pregnancy. Any takers? In the meantime I will be avoiding salty foods, which is also devastating bc I have developed a new love french fries and have acquired a kid like fascination with McDonald's again, and trying to keep my feet up whenever possible. I guess it is a good thing I don't believe in anklets and gladiator shoes....I mean we all know the dryer would have worked its magic on those puppies too. So, if you would like to volunteer for the fan/grape position, please let me know. :)


  1. LOL! Oh my attack of the cankles! That is too funny! You really do make me laugh dear. I will be happy to fan you anytime! Hey what are friends for?! haha

  2. I craved McDonald's non-stop! I ate it almost everyday. When my bp went up, my doctor told me no more salty foods. That was a depressing day!!! Then, my wonderful husband asked McDonald's if they could make french fries without adding the salt...and they did!!! They weren't as yummy without the salt, but it still satisfied my craving! : )

  3. I'm just glad you are going through this first... you can give us all the tips! HA! Lovems!