white knuckle grand prix.

so, i've dropped the ball on my ambitious 3 to 4 blogs per week goal. blogger fail. i mean, i think i have a good excuse but in reality, we all have 24 hours a day. how we choose to allocate them is up to us. i have thought about blogging but just haven't done it. i even have specific blogs to write and pictures to post, like our trip to the "pumpkin patch" and my little trick-or-treater. i'll get to those soon. i promise, grammie.

my excuse for not blogging is that i got a job! phew. the day after i left my oklahoma job, i was unemployed. i did not expect to have any further revenue coming into my bank account. this made me anxious and actually saying "i'm unemployed" is less than desirable. i was completely torn - i was moving states without a job insight. this could be awesome because i would finally have the opportunity to be a SAHM. yay. we would play and be best friends. we would snuggle over my morning coffee and color and everything i'd been missing. i couldn't wait. knowing that a job would come, i needed to relish my time at home with james.

we moved down on a saturday and i had my first interview on the following wednesday. i was so nervous. i was almost more nervous about the drive than the actual interview. i suppose because texas drivers are fast and crazy and i was still in the "i'm a sahm" glory state of mind. BUT after i left the interview, i wanted it. i needed it. i knew it was a good company and i knew it would be a good direction to take my career. i was torn. i wanted to stay at home longer but i also didn't want to be rejected. i didn't want this job opportunity to pass me by. luckily, i didn't have to wait long before i got the call. the offer call, not the turn down, thank goodness. i was so happy to accept but so sad to know that my time at home was cut short. i researched daycares. took james to visit and even had to have a trial run. i think i've made a good choice and i think james is happy and have been told several times that he really enjoys the slide. isn't that what life is all about?

the main adjustment i've had to coming back to work after my three week break is the traffic. in the morning i'm a participant in the white knuckle grand prix but on the way home i think my right leg is going to fall off from breaking every 20 yards. i don't understand - people are so quick to get to work but so dang slow to go home. shouldn't it be the other way around?? in the morning i have to put away my phone and really pay attention. on the way home, i like to chat. i'm not usually a big phone talker, per say, i'm more of a texter. well, i do talk to my mom everyday but you get the point. but i've found talking to my family and friends back home make my miserable drive more tolerable. it allows me to catch up and not look at the clock every two minutes. i tend to look at the clock when i pull out of the garage at work and run a mental tally on my way home. it stresses me out and just makes me in a bad mood. this is definitely something i need to overcome. traffic isn't going away. there is no solution except to breath. and learn to use my mirrors.

i've always thought texas drivers were nuts. i still do. heaven forbid you use a blinker to change lanes. i wonder if they see my oklahoma tag and immediately think i'm a bad driver? good. maybe they'll get out of my way.

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