i never realized that i was blessed to have an actual pumpkin patch so close to me in oklahoma. i mean, it was at least a 30 minute drive but it was there. you could pick a pumpkin, ride a mini-horse and enjoy the petting zoo. i could tell james enjoyed it last year so i just knew this year would be even better. welp, if i could find a dang pumpkin patch that wasn't over an hour away.

i decided to go to the dallas aboretum at white rock lake. i remember thinking how beautiful the lake was when i ran around it last december and i've heard that the pumpkin display is beautiful. i'm not sure what i had in mind but my thoughts were different than reality. please don't think i didn't enjoy it. i did - just minus the petting zoo, the heat and the crowded pumpkin areas.

mr. h had to go back to oklahoma so i snagged my old roomie, brittney, and we were on the pumpkin adventure with james. overall, it was a nice day and it just felt good to be outside. it felt good to be in good company.
i mean, this was his face before we even let him out of the buggy:

i knew we'd have our hands full.

he did sit for maybe 30 seconds so i could try to get that perfect picture but between his quick moves and all the other parent photographers out there, this is what we got.

then we went to check out the pumpkin house. this was neat. and they had little pumpkins you could have, for free. or we hope they were free. brittney gave james one. you would have thought it was gold. open shade equals picture time in my book. here we go.


hi mom.

hi handsome, little stud-muffin.

look how innocent he looks. he was being so good and so cute.

i love that little crinkled nose and smile.

i'm pretty sure right after this he spiked the mini pumpkin. all boy. i really wanted to get a picture with james. i'm behind the camera, always, so i thought it was time for another mommy/stud-muffin picture.

james and i have totally different opinions.

death grip. i have a death grip on my child. he was kicking and flailing around. poor brittney didn't know what to do. so, she just took a few snaps. luckily, he kind of looks like he's smiling in this one. but trust me - in real life, he was definitely not smiling for the camera.
so, i let him go. he's way too heavy and strong and it was way too hot to fight him. once he calmed down, i had to try again though. maybe he'd take one pretending to kiss me on the cheek or give me a big hug to show his appreciation for the trip to look at a ton (TON!) of pumpkin decorations.

 take two:

nope. not one single picture is he looking at the camera. so, i choose the one that i liked the best of me. in this particular pose, i've noticed i look like a hunchback and can actually look scary. bless.

immediately after this, i was putting up the camera and getting the stroller when james decided to run around the house in a circle. brittney and i are chasing him, the buggy is flying and then he decided to disappear. i think both brittney and i were terrified but knew he was there. just short and we couldn't see him. luckily we found him before we both started screaming like one of those moms. don't worry, if he hadn't popped up, i would have been. immediately after that, he got the leash put on. oh, i'm sorry, child harness.

we walked and looked around and decided it was lunch time. okay, only german brats. no thank you. oh, another stand....with four dollar pb&j sandwiches. no thank you. but i think this might have been the highlight of james' day.

yep. a cheeto break in the shade.

on the way home, james fell asleep and we went to a yummy mexican restaurant for some lunch. i am so glad i decided to go, even though mr. h couldn't. and even though i couldn't find an actual pumpkin "patch". maybe we'll make the added drive next year. maybe.

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