in the great words of jenna rink, "thirty, flirty and thriving" pretty much sums up how i feel. i turned the big 3-0 a couple of weeks ago. and hell-o? the party just keeps on going. i've had three celebrations thus far. each one completely different yet have made me feel so special. the love tank is full!

first up was a birthday dinner. this was actually around my day of arrival.

who says 30 is old?

not us! 30 is the new fun!!

next celebration - dallas. you don't understand, i don't leave my child. i'm slightly obsessed with him, if you didn't already know. it was a pretty spur-of-the-moment trip. kind of. i have talked about going down to see my sweet friend, jill, but never could leave. well, plane tickets are cheap but they bump up without warning. one day, the price was right and i just booked the trip. let the fun begin.

meet jill. her birthday, 30 also, was just 3 days following mine. we had to celebrate. boy! did we ever celebrate. it truly shows how good of friends you are when you have no plans but good company and make the night one you'll always remember.

don't do it, bonner!!!
yep. i did. and i'll get into trouble for posting this. but let me give you a recap. we went to dinner, had some cocktails and had some fun. we insulted the food, met the chef and got free food and cake. we have new quotes like smile for the camera, they know it's our birthday?? and i run. i really wish the bottle of wine were facing the camera because it was delicious. i would buy it again. i'm sure for half the price too.

saturday night out in the big city is more fancy than my usual nights at home in stretchy pants. it's good to get dressed up, get your hair fixed and get out every now and again.


now that you think i've taken too many photos and talked too much about my own birthday, i'll remind you that it is my blog and i haven't posted in a while.

my next birthday celebrations was hosted by my dear friend sugs. you remember her? i've talked about her some but specifically in this post. so, she was out of town on the birthday dinner night so she offered to have my family over and cook. ummm. yes please! and thank you!! this was just the perfect cookout celebration i could have asked for. james was a wild man, but no one cared. she had chilled wine that went down too nicely and just some great company. oh! and delicious food.

insert a photo that will make your mouth water:

i'd eat some if it were in front of me. i've found myself craving it actually.

family photo op. i mean, mr. h and i are smiling looking at the camera. that is a feat in itself. james, well, obviously he wasn't feelin' it. but hey! i'll take what i can get these days.

auto timer = greatest invention ever.

and my favorite picture of the night is below:

thank you to all my friends (and family though i don't have any pictures from their generosity. shame on me!) for being so wonderful. i truly love you.

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