well, i am embarrassed. right before i left for the okc marathon, i hid my dslr camera. no one would be home and i wasn't going to take it with me. i just figured, if someone is going to peek through my windows or something creepy like that, i might as well keep the temptation to a minimum. so, i packed it away. and i didn't pull it out until yesterday! what??!! i know. this baffles me as well.

yesterday morning we were playing in our pajamas and bed head. i noticed we had some good sunlight coming through the windows so i jumped to grab my camera from the perch that i normally leave it on and bam! i realized that it was still hidden. i surprised myself. and not in a good way. but i'm back and ready to document my daily life.

here is some bed head. 

james isn't quite sure about his tricycle. the great part about it is that as soon as he shows interest, he'll keep playing and playing until he figures it out. no, not necessarily the same day but i know that one day he'll love it.

though he was smiling and having a good time, this is the closest i came to capturing his sweet grin this time.

don't worry. my camera has been dusted off and i'm back at it. i've already taken some sweet sleeping snaps today.

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