night alone.

i'm in a hotel room. all alone. peace and quiet. some people have champagne while taking a relaxing bath. me? this is how i roll...

yep. that is gatorade. a big one. i'm trying to get hydrated.

tomorrow is the 11th annual oklahoma city memorial marathon. i'm running...again. well, another marathon but this will be my first time to run the full here. i ran the half marathon last year. i almost wish i was running the half this year. the weather is not cooperating. i'm going to wear gloves to start and pray it doesn't rain. just a week ago the weather predicted that it would be hot and sunny. you can't trust the oklahoma weather men. period.

i'm exhausted but set the alarm and a wake up call. my alarm will go off at 4:39 and my call will come in at 4:45 a.m. are you jealous?

i've got my gear laid out so i don't have to think about other things in the morning. this is my outfit, just in case you happen to catch the coverage on tv, you can look for me.

i kid, i kid. tv crews don't hang out to the bitter end. the kenyans finish ungawdly fast and they get all the hype. not fair. or totally fair. i look like i'm dying while i run so i don't want to be on the news anyway. 


i will gladly accept thoughts and prayers.

i'm off to bed. as the official website just pointed out, i've only got 7 hours and 14 minutes until the start of the run. 

We come here to remember those who were killed, those who survived and those changed forever. May all who leave here know the impact of violence. May this memorial offer comfort, strength, peace, hope and serenity.®

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