first harvest.

mr. h loves his garden. so far we've had quite the volunteer turnout. he'll decide what he wants to plant this year as soon as he can figure out what all will return from last year.

our first harvest was last weekend.

can you guess what it is?

i'll give you a hint - it was perfect timing bc bunny rabbits love this food.

you guessed carrot, right?

woo hoo!

it is a curly carrot, but still a big carrot. mr. h thinks it was curly bc the soil was not deep enough in our raised garden so he will transplant the others to the ground.

james wanted to check it out. of course we let him.

he ran around like it was a sword. the actual orange part was the handle. the leafy part didn't look near as big in the garden as it does in james' hands. i thought it was going to be gigantic! i think if it hadn't been in the raised bed, it would have been. unfortunately, we didn't wait to feed it to the easter bunny. we ate it minutes after i took these pictures. it was good. all natural and fresh. i hope mr. h keeps the harvests coming.

and i guess you can tell that james still loves his red, cowboy hat. i like it. i think it is cute. and it is even better when he is outside bc it shades his fare complexion. i hate when babies get sunburned. we are always armed with spf 50 and a hat. no sunburn for this guy. no tan either. better safe than sorry.

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