ming ming.

if our tv is turned on, there is a good chance that nick jr. is playing. we watch the wonder pets around here.  i think james likes to watch the animals. i think he's moved on to more mature shows like dora, diego and dino dan but we still watch the wonder pets. lenny, tuck and ming ming, too. i have been able to sing that theme song for quite some time. i'm a truly talented mom.

grandma likes the wonder pets too. she bought some stuffed animals for james but unfortunately waylon liked to play with them too. last week she bought a real live ming ming.

james, meet ming ming.

james: for me? really???

yep. james grandma hooked you up this easter.

we better hold them now, while they'll let you and they're still cute. i'm not going to lie - i was nervous. see these sweet little creatures? would james be nice to them? would he squeeze them or drop them? 

luckily, all survived. james was not as gentle as i would have liked but he could have been a lot worse. he did good. those birds are fast. well, fast for james. i mean, i'm sure those sweet birds will run with they see him coming. i don't blame them. i would too. oh and since their last visit, grandma got ming ming a friend. she said he felt left out. they are so cute right now. i wish they would stay blue and pink and little. we wouldn't have fresh eggs but that would be okay with me. only me though. mr. h wants fresh eggs.

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