eight seconds.

this time of year seems to be so busy. i know i say this every season but it is true. spring is so busy, as i thought fall was busy. this time of year you have yard work, too many things you need to do, too many things you want to do and time you need to just spend breathing in the fresh air and sunshine. before we (oklahomans) know it, it will be too hot to sit outside and play without water and a refreshing pool in sight.

a couple of saturdays ago my sister's family had a dual birthday party for my sister and my nephew. they reserved a local park, got some live music, inflatables and a mechanical bull. yep, you read that right. a mechanical bull. let me tell you, it was perfect. the sun was shining and so many families came out to celebrate.

this was the birthday boy

it was really too windy for candles. he didn't mind.

the start of the party was during james' nap time. i went out early and mr. h brought him when he woke up. i was mingling with the guests until i looked around and saw this:

my boys are here! and james is wearing his cowboy hate. this is going to be perfect.

all the boys migrated to the mechanical bull. while it looked fun, i personally did not attempt. but someone we know was awfully curious.

once we were told that they could make it safe for james, we had to let him have a turn.

i mean, arm up and all. he was taking notes!

and apparently you have to work to stay on.

eight second? who needs just eight. james is going on forty eight.

we had one happy little cowboy.

until we had an unhappy little cowboy.

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