happy friday.

does this picture make you smile too???

i hope so.

we picked up these glasses when we went to incredible pizza for valentine's day. i've pretty much been holding them hostage until i could find a time to set up a photo shoot. yesterday after work, i deemed it time.

i grabbed the glasses, attempted to put them on and loured james outside with them. i tried to get him to sit on the deck for some snaps. he actually did good until we got photo bombed by waylon.

james was saying "waylon" and petting him and having a good time. waylon was posing so i just went with it.
i love these two boys.

neither one usually sits still for me to take a picture. maybe those are magic glasses? if so, i'll need to buy reinforcements bc they stretch out and look like they may only last another time or two. as soon as james wasn't looking, i took them back inside and put them up. i'm mean like that. well, i'm not but i just didn't want them to get broken in the first ten minutes of play time. accidentally of course.

i will be spending the weekend with family and sunshine. can it get any better? i think not.

happy friday!!!

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  1. YAH! I love it! Waylon finally got some blog love!