i'm sorry.

i have no excuse. i haven't blogged in too long. first, life just got super busy and then i went through a rut where i didn't take pictures or feel like i had any blog worthy material. well, now i'm back. i still don't have anything super exciting but, believe it or not, it actually stresses me out and makes me upset that i haven't blogged in so long. like, i lost sleep last night over it people! that is just nuts. so, here i am ready to spill it and promise not to go on a blog vacation again. unless i physically go on a cool vacation without internet, then i'll leave you bored and lonely again. well, probably not but you get the point.

some random happenings:

  • last week i got the announcement at work that i would be taking on two new assets and moving floors. this has led to training and a busy, busy time at work. overall it is a great thing and i look forward to the opportunity.
  • i hurt my neck. well, neck and shoulder. i am getting old and falling apart. i now am addicted to my roll-on biofreeze. i might smell like a medicine cabinet but it is much better than the alternative. plus, it feels the best when applied first thing in the morning. i even sound like an addict. oops.
  • i ran some hills last saturday. i was dreading them bc of my new found hatred of hills after austin. i did them, didn't really complain and had a great run. i had a strong run and got the affirmation that i should continue to run after such a bad one. sh!t happens.
  • i have been growing out my eyebrows and it has been torture. seriously. i hated it and felt so self conscious. i know that no one cares but me - but it was hard. i'm so glad i did it though. i got them dyed and threaded yesterday and i am in love. now i just need to work that into my beauty routine. i tinker between thinking it is high maintenance and necessary. today i've decided it's necessary.
  • james currently loves to say "oh no!". it is so cute. they must say this at daycare and now he'll say it just about anytime he can. his cup runs out of milk - oh no! he drops a crayon (or color as he calls them) - oh no! i turn off the tv or toy story - oh no! as you can tell, james lives a rough life.
  • james also has started to throw milk tantrums. yep, you read that right. he has this new found love for milk in the evening. he'd like one bottle before bath, one after bath and another before sleep. heck, he'd probably like the option of having one while in the bath but that just crosses the line. oh, and i should clarify, james no longer uses a "baby bottle". he hasn't since he was 1 year old. he now has some big boy sippy cups and straw cups but i still call them all bottles. anyway, now if james wants more milk and i don't think he should, he goes up to the refrigerator, opens his arms wide and slams himself up against the door. he wipes off his m&d animal magnets and goes into meltdown mode. ummm. seriously james? i cave and give him milk. i mean, it's only milk, right?
  • i took james to bouncy barn last saturday. bouncy barn has big inflatables for little kids. james had so much fun! well, except for the first 30 minutes where he cried on my lap. now he wants to "jump" on the bed and say "bounce bounce bounce". it gives me a heart attack. if you didn't know, when i was four i was jumping on my bed, fell off and broke my right arm. i couldn't suck my fingers or color! this is terrible. i would hate for that to happen to james. i cannot imagine rushing him to the emergency room. stop! i don't even want to think like that.
  • oh! and most important -james had his first chocolate shake. love at first sip.

oh great! now i'm craving a chocolate shake.


  1. okay...maybe i am stupid, but what is threading of the brows???

  2. Love it! I broke my leg when I was 2 years old jumping on the bed! Have we had this discussion before? See you tomorrow! :)