nakey time.

warning: this post is for the grandparents and contains a naked baby. 

each night after bath we allow james to run around for nakey time. there is such joy in james smile and screams as he runs and stomps. james loves bath but i think he loves nakey time just as much. friday we had a big time! it was nakey cowboy time. (if you thought something gross, get your mind out of the gutter!) here is my little cowboy.

it was all fun and giggles until we had to tell him it was time to put some britches on. 

my boy loves some nakey time. too bad he can't be trusted for long.

and if you are wondering, he has not made any puddles on the floor...yet.


  1. I see he was sucking in the ole' belly to get up on that horsey. Hahhah SOO CUTE!