warmest jacket.

baby it's cold outside.  yesterday the high was in the 20s.  good thing i went and got james the last warmest jacket on saturday.  mr. h has been eyeing this jacket online but they have been sold out of james' color & size combination.  so, i had to fight the crowd to make one last attempt to get my baby, both of them, what they need for this winter.  and score!  i got the last 2t jacket on the rack but there were only three of these coats total.  i felt victorious.  i knew mr. h would be so happy.  and well, i might have picked up a few things for myself for all the trouble.  totally worth it, right?

monday morning we suited james up and he looks so cute.  he resembles ralphie in the christmas story but at least he looks warm.  james actually wore his jacket saturday night and he does the whole "i can't walk in this jacket" thing and trips and stumbles and looks so cute.  we were at a christmas party and my girl friend even noticed and commented.  i love it.  i love that she remembered that about him and how you just have to see it to see just how darn cute it is.  it really is so funny.  so, back to monday morning.  mr. h decided to strap him in his carseat with this puffy coat on.  it only works because we've moved up to big boy carseats.  this would have never worked last year with the little baby carrier.  once i talked to mr. h, he said that james was funny on the way to school.  he'd move the hood up and down but finally left it down.  he said he laughed because he looked like kenny (from south park.  remember that cartoon?  we don't watch it but i still remember what he looks like.).

after school yesterday, i went to get james and bundled him up too.  i got to see exactly what mr. h was talking about for my very own eyes.  i agree.  so, you know me, i had to document the moment. 

see.  i told you so.

at least they're warm.  and cute.

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