while the cat is gone...

...the mice will play. 

first time attempting to use the camera self-timer.  between james and the dogs, it was harder than i thought it would be to get a descent picture.  i'll probably try it again.  i'm up for the challenge.


mr. h left for an extended weekend to go on his annual pheasant hunting trip with his dad.  this trip always leaves me at home alone - with trouble.  the first year, the water company turned off the water to fix a leak and then broke the valve when turning it back on.  this required a new crew and many more hours without water.  then utah, our german shepherd, jumped our six foot privacy fence and got hit by a car. they drove off but i found my injured, smelly dog on my porch.  i don't know what happened but he smelled so bad but wouldn't let me touch him.  i'm thinking that he was getting into roadkill when he was hit.  or road rash makes dogs stink. i'm not sure.  i'm just glad my dog lived to tell about it. 
last year while ben was hunting, i was at home with a 3 month old baby.  to be honest, i think it was okay.  i was nursing.  and working.  the memory is a blur.  i'm going to take that as a good sign - there is nothing significant to mark the weekend alone.
now we're at this year.  james is 15 months old and into everything.  i knew he would keep me on my toes and running from before sun up until bedtime.  it was so much fun.  i got so much james time i hardly know what to do with myself.  everything was running smoothly until saturday night.  james was burning up.  he was running over 101 degree fever.  dreary.  this continued on to sunday. nothing is worse than a sick baby.  but what was nice is that i got to snuggle james all day.  the toys were untouched.  he only wanted to be in my lap.  snuggle time is few and far between these days so i embraced it with all my heart.  we went to the doctor on monday and he had a baby virus but it was passing.  i had to stay home with him on monday and half of the day yesterday.  it was nice.  i enjoyed the extra time with my baby. 
mr. h returned home yesterday afternoon.  james is perfect.  there is no trace of his illness.  the sheets are clean, the dishes are done, and the floors are vacuumed.  i had to sweep three times actually.  not by choice.  it's either vacuum almost everyday or get rid of my dogs.  therefore, i'm stuck with the dyson close at hand.  we missed mr. h while he was gone but you know what?  i'm so proud of myself for running the household alone.  i'm used to the teamwork that we use everyday to raise james that i was a little nervous flying solo.  i enjoyed it.  don't get me wrong - i enjoy when mr. h is in town more but i enjoyed all the extra time i got with james this long weekend.  i like it even more now that james is well and mr. h is home.  all is right at the hale household...until next years hunting trip.

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