saturday was our last long run. saturday was 13 miles. saturday was early. saturday was the home stretch. in december i set out on a journey that has meant more to me than dreamed it would. i found amazing friendships, inner strength and comfort in the sounds of my ipod, tennis shoes and pavement.

before i discovered i was pregnant with james i had just completed my first half marathon and had convinced myself to continue to train for the 2009 okc memorial marathon. the full marathon. the entire 26.2 miles. lucky for me, i had something bigger on my agenda for 2009. after giving birth to james i knew i would run again. i knew i would once again train for a full marathon. i had a baby. a beautiful baby. though this would make training more difficult, running is something that is important to me. i miss the time spent away from james but i love the time spent with myself.

they say what happens in vegas stays in vegas but if you're a runner you know what happens while running stays on the trail. running is personal. running is hard. you spend many hours along side your running group. you get to know personal things about people. it is an amazing test of character. fortunately, i have the ultimate group. we are a complete team. demoss, skinner, haley and myself run with big ambitions and through tired feet. we are strong pilots.

we have run in below zero temperatures.

6 miles.

we have run in the rain.

8 miles. 8 long miles.

we run for fun.

we just run. twice during the week and cursed saturdays. one thing is always consistent - we feel good after we run.

it has been an honor for me to train with these ladies. i have enjoyed the time even when i couldn't stop complaining. i have enjoyed the sore feet and aching knees. thank you for spending many, many hours strolling down riverside or cursing the hills through midtown with me. i am confident that we will dominate the "168".


  1. Okay call me weird but that almost made me cry! I couldn't have said it any better. I can't even begin to thank you enough for getting me into this. It has truly changed my life and I'm so happy to share it with you.

  2. I'm so glad you're back! I love reading about James and looking at his adorable pictures!

    I have to say it...you are AMAZING! Training for a half, nursing, working...I don't know how you do it!!!!!!!

  3. Wow almost makes me want to run! That was so well written! (glad you're blogging again, friend!)