monkey toes.

ha-ha!  i bet i fooled you.  BUT james really does have monkey toes.

monkey toes was one of james' first nicknames.  boy how things have changed.  we've nicknamed his nicknames.  they are constantly evolving.  we are those embarrassing parents.  (we just know better than to tell all his little boy nicknames to his high school girlfriends.)
here is an example:  monkey toes quickly turned into monkey man.  hints why he was a little monkey for halloween.  his feet are also known as dogs (like when you take off his socks.  who let the dogs out?  who?  who who??)

buster brown.  lots of names stemmed from this one.  it's an obvious name if you're a parent.  if you're not and you don't know from personal experience - always bring an extra pair of clothes.  okay so then we have buster britches, buster yellow (shortly.  another parent inside joke.  no need to be jealous.) and finally buster!  buster! is my favorite.  mr. hale likes it as well and we're certain that james likes "buster!" too.  you can really say it with some enthusiasm and get a real big smile.  you can also get a reaction by saying "james" kind of loud and a little high pitched. 

anyway, back to the subject of monkey toes.  james loves it when you play with his feet.  his feet are so interesting to him.  he loves to play with them.  (yay!  cheap toy.)  so if you every babysit and he's acting a little fussy, take off his socks and you'll have one happy little man.  (buster!)

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  1. I loved seeing Buster tonight! And you've always been a foot person so I think he gets it from you. :)