raising hale

12 pounds & 7 ounces
21 3/4 inches long
16 pounds & 1 ounce
23 1/4 inches long

james has grown so much in two months. it is truly amazing. i will continue to document, in this format, for his first year. let me tell you, the first photo shoot was not pretty. 1 month old james did not like the bench, bear or onsie. while he looks adorable in the snap above, trust me i took several to find one where he wasn't crying, screaming or falling over. looking back, the photos are pretty humorous. note: they are only funny bc you won't hear the screams or cries. i'll post a few bloopers to get you through this friday afternoon.



falling over:
no, he did not hit the floor or fall off the bench.

the two month photo session was much easier. i made the onsie, got the bench set up, plopped him down and he just sat there. he would slouch over a bit and i would reposition him but the second time was nothing (NOTHING!) like the first go round. he was his usual little stud muffin self.


i'm too sexy for this blog.


  1. Just wait until he hits about 6/7 months. Then it will really be difficult to take these pics! :)

  2. I love how he's just chillin in his 2 month picture. It cracks me up!!

  3. Bahaha I'm too sexy for this blog! Love it!

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