little boy blue...

The nursery has been painted, got new carpet and decorated to this point for several weeks. I haven't posted pictures bc I thought I would get some shelves on the wall (they are in the garage), some pictures hung (they are still at the photographer's house) and a mirror above the crib (on the floor in the nursery but not quite on the wall yet) before I posted for all to view and judge but I finally took some snaps and will share my almost decorated baby's room.

Ben and I instantly knew we didn't want to do a theme style nursery but I found this bicycle and we couldn't resist.

I love his crib. It looks so beautiful plain that I really like it without all the whistles and bells.
I've heard wonders about the sleep sheep. I hope this one works his magic.

My sister got me this bear and blanket for Restoration Hardware for Christmas last year in thoughts of the baby in mind. I have had it hidden from our dogs so they wouldn't touch it before JP. So far so good.
The glider. I think many hours will be spent rocking and feeding JP in this. I'm so glad it is comfortable.

I hope James sleeps well in here. All night would be heavenly.


  1. I've never heard of a sleep sheep. What is it?

  2. Its so cute! I really love that crib!